Payment Solutions Malawi Limited (PSM) provides a Payroll Deduction Management Service to the Government of Malawi. All Deduction Code Holders such as Banks, Micro Finance companies, Insurance companies and Hire Purchase companies use this service to submit and manage their deductions from the Government Payroll.

The PDMS system contains all relevant information and makes it available to the Deduction Code Holder via a secure encrypted web interface which the Deduction Code Holder may use to confirm the clients employment with the government, ensure that the employee can afford the deduction amount based on the rules set down by the government and manage the deduction for the duration of the agreement between the Deduction Code Holder and the employee.

The presence of the system ensures that access to finance, or "a line of credit",  by public service employees continues to be available. This service is considered to be extremely important to the socio economic development of Malawi and the well being of the public servants.

If you are a registered Deduction Code Holder please log in with your user name and password.

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